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Exult for the GCW Zero

Good Old Games had the whole Ultima VII Collection on sale for the holidays dirt cheap this past week. I ended up picking it up with an eye towards getting it running Exult on the GCW-Zero (Exult being a free software implementation of the game engine, and the GCW-Zero being a handheld shipping an almost entirely free software stack. )

I had some problems wrangling the libraries in the GCW SDK. However, with a minimum of trouble I was able to get it running. The biggest problem was getting a configuration file together for the GCW’s resolution, as Exult tends not to expect it’s host environment’s resolution to come close to the original. It fought me a little bit to turn off the scalers.

  • An OPK package is available here. This is a SVN build from their 1.5 branch. It was pulled 12/19/2013. Source is here.
  • You will need to provide game data. By default the config file I made will be looking for the “ULTIMA7” and “SERPENT” folders from the Good Old Games distribution in a folder named “u7” on the root of the SD Card.
  • You will also need to extract the “All In One Audio Pack” from the Exult Website to “u7/audio” on the SD Card.
  • My default configuration file is copied to the GCW home folder as “.exult.cfg” if no such file exists. Feel free to edit it directly.
  • You will need to turn on the GCW’s mouse emulation to get anywhere in the game. (Power button + B button.)

Exult is under the GPL, though they do not specify a version on their website and provide no LICENSE file that I saw in their SVN.

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